Commercial Sale/Purchase


If you are planning to acquire a building or an entire complex, CIVET has the leadership
to handle all steps to make the transition as smooth as possible. With our history of
purchasing properties, we have experience in all levels from due diligence, walk thru’s,
tenant interviews and inspections. Our expertise allows us to identify and capitalize on
opportunities within local markets, and to target areas of expansion opportunities.


We tailor a marketing program for our client’s specific property. Market knowledge,
responsiveness and thorough presentation of asset specifics are paramount in
successfully attaining our client’s goals. We cover every step so our client realizes the
asset’s highest value.

Project Consulting & Development

We provide customized consulting services to public and private and investors and
lending institutions.  We align our firm with the owner or future owner as an idea is
born to help shape the project from inception. We can help you at the onset of
purchasing land and building, or part way through the project, if applicable.
Development projects may consist of consulting with the owner, his architect, his
builder, representing him as his broker and property management upon completion – all
of which CIVET’s expertise will be crucial to a successful project.

CIVET also provides asset repositioning and rebranding, market analysis, market
research, lease analysis, asset disposition and innovative marketing programs.

CIVET stays actively involved in the acquisition and development of office and retail
projects. We focus on solid opportunities that present above average returns. Our
structure includes acquisition, joint venture, limited partnerships and
fee development. You will gain instant access to a team selected specifically to meet
your objectives. A project manager who will ensure that the project is done according
to budget and the specifications thereof.

Some recent projects include;
– TC Jester Business Park
– Dotson Medical Office Building

CIVET: Real Estate with Compassion and Integrity.