Property Management

CIVET symbolizes integrity and quality in every decision. We cannot be successful if our Clients aren’t as well. Civet’s leadership have proven successful track records which are built on these values.

We adhere to the “Best Practices” standards of the property management industry as articulated by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), of which CIVET is a member.  Our integrity is demonstrated in our standard operating procedures and validated by our Client testimonials.


Civet’s Objectives

For our Tenants:

  • Straight forward accounting and client billing
  • Management plan for each property, coupled with quarterly tenant visits
  • Identifying and pursuing expense management options, such as property tax protesting, bulk purchasing power and vendor relationships that afford such credibility
  • Careful handling of tenant payments and easy access to your statement, online payment alternatives and account review
  • Quick response to maintenance requests
  • Adequate staffing to support each property

For our Building Owners, our Clients:

  • Management Agreements that define responsibilities, scope of authority and fees
  • Customized communication with Clients including scheduled distribution of financial and operating reports
  • Loyal to the interests of our Clients first
  • Identifying and Executing expense management practices, such as property tax protesting, bulk purchasing power and vendor relationships that afford such credibility – thus allowing Civet to pass on its bulk purchase power to its Clients and Tenants
  • Resourceful ideas to accommodate our Client’s changing needs
  • Detailed accounting of Client bank accounts
  • Marketing plans for each property